Elmer Postle, Director of Whole Being Education and Amaranatho, co-producer,
look forward to welcoming you to our one-day event

Juanna Grace Painting

Leading speakers from the world of pregnancy and birth, maternity, parenting and psychology offer their latest research and insights into the impacts of Covid-19. How we pay attention to the experiences of people in the time of pregnancy and birth is important for practice and collective well-being going forward.
Trauma Informed Care, Polyvagal Theory, Pre and Perinatal Psychology as well as current research offer resources and support. This one day event brings together researchers, practitioners, policy makers and parents to explore information, skills and insight helpful at this time. 
Research highlights how awareness of the physiological, psychological and spiritual dynamics inherent in pregnancy and birth can be profoundly healing. As an essential, first-time experience of relationship, how we are welcomed has significance as an imprint for co-creation with each other and our environment. This event intends to offer inspirational and healthy pathways of support to people from all walks of life.

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Event Date: 12th June 2021 
Time: 12 noon - 9pm BST (UTC+1)
Cost: £35 Early Bird (to 19th May, £45 after). Purchase: £100
(US$48, US$62 and $139)

We know you may not be able to watch the whole day in one viewing so we have made the
recordings accessible to registrants for one month following the event.

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Elmer Postle, Director of Whole Being Education and Amaranatho, co-producer, have been working to serve therapeutically oriented online events during 2020/21. They both have backgrounds in technical media/online work as well as training’s, practice and vocations in therapeutic healing work with clients. Elmer and Amaranatho have an interest in Pre and Perinatal Psychology and are pleased to enable this event. We look forward to welcoming you.

Terms and Conditions: All videos from this event will be recorded and available to watch until 11th July 2021. In the case of the cancellation of this event, all payments will be refunded to the attendees in due course. Should an attendee wish to cancel, we will not refund but will allow the transfer of the ticket to another name. Please email us with the full name and email address of the replacement. This exchange can only be offered until one week prior to the event, not thereafter.

Disclaimer: Whole Being Films/Education is not a licensed psychologist/mental/maternity health provider. Please discuss medical or psychiatric concerns with your physician or mental health provider. All information provided is for educational purposes. You accept full responsibility for your choices and experiences and release Whole Being Education the promoters of this event from all liability for such.

Original chalk drawing by Juanna Grace.